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Welcome to Houswit! 

Single source for your property maintenance!



Welcome to Houswit

Houswit is all about solving problems for Landlords & Tenants. As a landlord myself, the most time consuming task is to schedule and follow up with maintenance request. After speaking with other self-managing landlords, I realized that maintenance management was a common issue. 


That's when I decided to start Houswit. A single source for all maintenance needs. Our goal is to provide simplicity and efficiency for Landlords and Tenants alike.  Maintenance upkeep is a way to protect the home, and provide safe housing.


Landlords will appreciate higher returns in cashflow, and tenant occupancy with choosing Houswit's on-demand maintenance needs. 

Jai S.


How Houswit can help you as a landlord?


Houswit is a single source for all maintenance needs!


All maintenance pros are licensed in their trades.


As a landlord, you will never have to worry about maintaining your property!