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Welcome to Houswit! 

Single source for your property maintenance!



Welcome to Houswit

Houswit is dedicated to addressing the challenges encountered by both landlords and tenants within the realm of property management. Drawing from my own experience as a landlord, I've recognized that one of the most labor-intensive aspects entails coordinating and overseeing maintenance requests. Conversations with fellow self-managing landlords further underscored the prevalence of this issue.

Motivated by this realization, I founded Houswit with the aim of serving as a comprehensive solution for all maintenance-related requirements. Our primary objective is to streamline processes and enhance efficiency for landlords and tenants alike. We firmly believe that proactive maintenance not only safeguards the integrity of properties but also fosters secure and comfortable living environments.

By leveraging Houswit's on-demand maintenance services, landlords stand to benefit from improved cash flow and heightened tenant retention rates.


Our team not only simplifies the maintenance workflow but also facilitates a seamless experience for all parties involved.

Jai S.


How Houswit can help you as a landlord?


  • Transparent Communication: Ensure clear and regular updates on property performance, tenant issues, and maintenance needs.


  • Proactive Maintenance: Conduct timely inspections and address potential issues promptly to prevent costly repairs and minimize disruptions.


  • Tenant Satisfaction: Foster positive tenant relationships through prompt response to concerns, fair lease enforcement, and open communication channels.


What People Say

As a tenant, it was really nice to be able to contact Houswit and get a quick response, and exact timeline of service.

Emily Z (tenant), WA

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We will be starting our services in Seattle very soon!

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